i live in bairnsale victoria, i have been riding horses and braking and training horses for most of my life, and going into the high country exploring and catching the odd brumby, but these days i'd reither be up there sharing my knowledge and brumby watching taking video and photographs of them , or trail riding

over the years i have taken many people up there, they cant believe how close and how many horses we see, and around the campfire enjoying a meal, people talkin about our days incredible adventure, and cant wait to get out there the next day, i would recommend to take a note pad and pencil and take notes, as you will see so many exciting things you will find it hard to remember them all,

stalking these horses is incredably exciting, see the mob grazing, then wen ur spotted see the stallion come and protect his mares with a very loud snort and stumping around letting us know they are his mares.

enjoy some camp cooking and a chat over a coffe or billy tea.

this is a once in a lifetime adventure you will never forget, each time i go up i get excited like its my first time.

i would just like to thank all the wonderfull people i have met and there support and many emails,    Thank-you

be sure to look at my many youtube video's  just type in   trinadee1



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